Why a database for homeopathic clinical files?

By integrating comprehensive medical documentation verified from a scientific point of view, the homeopathic clinical files database CLIFICOL (Clinical Files Collection)

  • gives the international homeopathic community the benefit of sharing the experiences of homeopaths from all over the world;


  • puts case histories, with their methodology and remedy prescription, at the disposal of homeopaths for personal study or teaching purposes;


  • permits homeopathic schools to work together whilst respecting their different methodological approaches


  • enables homeopaths to discover the differences and similarities between their particular methodology and that of colleagues when treating related clinical cases;


  • provides relevant clinical information based on fact for developing the homeopathic research field;


  • verifies and updates the homeopath’s tools: Materia Medica, Repertory and Philosophy;


  • centralises clinical research thereby helping to shed light upon aspects of the paradigm as yet not satisfactorily explained;


  • allows the homeopath to access to updated and detailed clinical data recorded in an easy-to-use format;


  • organises clinical data in such a way that homeopathy can be seen as a reliable method of treatment along with conventional medicine by governments intending to make the practise of homeopathy official.

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