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How does Clificol Work

How to search for case histories

All the searches that can be carried out in the personal WinCHIP files can be also carried out with the “search in CLIFICOL” function. The advantage of the CLIFICOL database is that you can benefit from the experiences of different homeopaths and different methodologies.

By inputting basic information in the search box and clicking the radio-button “search in CLIFICOL” you can search for case histories that are of interest to you.

There are two SEARCH METHODS in CLIFICOL, one based on a set of criteria and the other one that allows the homeopathic Medical doctor to calculate some rates.

Searches based on a set of criteria

This search method permits the homeopath to search for case histories solved with different methods of prescription For instance, you can search for all cases where phosphorus has been prescribed for depression based on one of the following methodologies:

  • The classical clinical methodology based on the Repertory (MSMV)
  • The Argentinean Homeopathic School
  • Masi’s methodological approach
  • Ortega’s miasmatic methodology
  • Josep Reves’s prescription method
  • Sankaran’s approach
  • Jan Scholten’s method

It also provides access to the Materia Medica of the remedy prescription using one of the above specified methodologies or using criteria such as age, potency, etc.

The search function allows you to search for words, for example in the patient's medical history, and to refine the search by associating other elements such as a particular remedy or a certain pathology.

Once you have identified the case history in which you are interested, you can download it in PDF format.

Searching for occurrences

For statistical purposes you can calculate the number of occurrences of clinical data in your homeopathic practice.

For example:

  • Age related to certain pathologies or certain remedies
  • Diagnosis during the first examination
  • Diagnosis related to pathologies
  • Pathology and city of residence
  • Kind of check-up (acute, relapse, chronic)
  • Symptoms based on the Repertory
  • Most frequently prescribed remedy for a specific pathologic or clinical situation.

The different search methods (eg based on a set of criteria, on words in the anamnesis or searching for occurrences) gives the homeopath a better chance of finding information to help him gain a new understanding of the case based on personal needs

E.g. information on vaccination, type of vaccine, dosage, reaction to the administration of a particular remedy, age of the patient, etc.