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The CliFiCol project in 10 points

What is CliFiCol

CLIFICOL, the Clinical File Collection, is an International Homeopathic Data Bankable to store millions of clinical cases collected in different languages, sent by homeopaths working with different methodologies. CliFiCol can collect also specific clinical projects. Uploaded cases may contain: text, repertorizations and specific case information such as pathology, remedy, sex, language, etc

Why CliFiCol

CLIFICOL gives the homeopathic community the possibility of sharing and collecting case experiences in order to compare different methodological approaches. In this way the homeopathic community has at its disposal relevant Evidence-Based clinical information for homeopathic teaching, research and recognition.

Uploading cases

The CLIFICOL database can be accessed:

Free of charge through this website to submit your data

Through RadarOpus Software by selecting the CliFiCol button and uploading your cases


Clinical cases are encrypted and transmitted anonymously from the homeopaths consulting room to the central database via the HTTPS-protocol

Researching cases

You can do a simple search for cases of a certain remedy or pathology

Free of charge

You can upload and search cases free of charge

Interaction with Materia Medica and Repertory

CLIFICOL is an independent project, but will also be seamlessly integrated into RadarOpus . As such cured cases will be integrated into the Materia Medica and the Repertory.

Different links between these types of information will be implemented in RadarOpus .

Owner of the clinical data

The Scientific Committee of CLIFICOL recognizes the homeopathic community as owner of every clinical case recorded. The Scientific Committee are trustees of this data. The Scientific Committee will manage this legacy and ensure the rights of homeopaths and their patients. The Committee represents the promoters of this project.

How to participate

To participate to the project you need:

An Internet connection

The software WinCHIP Opus or the Web access (available through a free subscription)

For information and subscription check or send an e-mail to .


The CLIFICOL project is being supported by:

Homeopathia Europea & Internationalis